When it comes to connecting with people who share your vision for how to change the world, we can help. Building bridges among like-minded people is what we love to do.

Donors who are looking for inspiring nonprofit leaders to fund. Nonprofit visionaries and social entrepreneurs who are seeking funders to be true partners.

Relationships matter.  And good relationships take time.  To create a spark.  To build trust.  To dig deep.  To dream together.  And to do together. Empowering philanthropy.

Whether you’re passionate about making lives better for girls, boys, women, families or seniors. Whether you’re strategically focused on arts, education, environment, health, justice, human dignity or peace, Empower Philanthropy can help you find the right partners at the right time.

To expand your resources. Ignite your creativity.  Broaden your network. And deepen your impact.

Thank you for your vision, your energy and your compassion.  Thank you for all you have done.  And thank you for all you will do.

Contact us at info@empowerphilanthropy.net so we can help your ideas flourish.

Let’s keep on empowering our best selves and each other.  We can make the world better!  For all of us.